Rodent Management

RODENTS are the number one pests causing  loss of   millions of rupees. Zoologically rodents include rats, mice rabbits,    hares, bandkoots, squirrels, etc. but the rats & mice are affecting   us the  most. Households, grain shops, restaurants, flour mills,   printing places, paper  & grain godowns, kitchens, farms, cloth   storages, etc. are the most  vulnerable places of the rats & mice   invasion. They not only cut & eat  vulnerable stuff but also   contaminate food by their droppings. They are  difficult to catch even   in mouse traps because they scoot. They bite after  blowing cold &   cause health hazards. They harbor the fleas which are the  carriers of   the deadly plague strains. They also spread diseases like leptospirosis. They cause loss of billions of rupees annually to India alone. They  can cause fatal  accidents by damaging the electrical wiring & installation.