Cockroach Management

COCKROACHES one of the most harmful  pests for the mankind exists on the earth since   millions of the years in  thousands of species. They are the most   commonly found in households &  factories related to food. They are oval shaped creatures with compound eyes  & long antennae. They are wingless & often are mistaken for beetles.  The eggs are either laid   close to a food source or are carried by the parent  until they hatch.   They do not form colonies like termite or ants but live in  groups. They   like warm & damp places & are most active during night.  Any   activity during day is an indication of their overpopulation. They cause allergic disorders & spread diseases like dysentery, typhoid,    poliomyelitis, gastro-enteritis, asthma, etc. Their best place to be   active for  them is your kitchen. So why are you waiting?